Henry the Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure

Kids are always eager to learn something new. They have so many questions and curiosities in their mind. Even parents and teachers find it difficult to provide the right answers to their mind-blowing queries. Well, for all such curious kids, books can become their best friends. Books open doors to new learning, and it promotes overall growth of the child.

However, for most parents, it is difficult to choose the right book for their child. As a new parent, if you are also worried about which book you should gift your child on this holiday season to inspire him for new learnings, we advise you to check “Henry the Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure”. There are lots of amazing things to know about this book. Just go through the detailed review below to make up your mind for purchase.

Henry the Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure: Best book for your child
This book is suitable for kids between the age group of 4 to 11, and it is written in easy to understand the English language. This kid’s book has a creative story to tell, and the writer has filled each page of this book with some colourful images to make the story more engaging. Henry is the main character in this book.

The story says that one day he was so thirsty and wanted to drink pineapple juice. He visited all over Queensland Australia to drink his favourite juice. Although Henry managed to drink the juice, the problem is that he did not leave the juice for anyone else. The writer presented this story in a very creative manner.

This book has 20 pages, and all of them are loaded with attractive images that can engage your child completely into imaginations.

Dan Skill – the writer of this book crafted this book with amazing learning practices. You can also allow your child to draw henry, ladybug, beetle, bee and many other elements of this storybook. Kids would definitely love to fill colours into these story characters, and it will be great fun. It is not just a great bedtime story; rather, it also has a great moral behind to make your child learn something special for life.

Many parents have already purchased this book, and their reviews say it all how amazing their kids find it. The experienced teachers at child school also recommend this book for adequate learning of the growing kids. Get your book now!

You can buy the Kindle edition of this amazing book or place an order via Google Playbooks store. It will be a great addition to the small library of your growing child. He would love to read it every day, and you will see him giggling around while going through every next page of this book. This is definitely a must-have book for every child.

About The Author

Dan Skill originally came up with the idea for this book when he was 10 years old. He has always believed in the importance of following your dreams no matter how crazy they may sound at the time. Many years down the track it made sense. So Dan Skill wrote and published his book. Dan hopes you enjoy it as much as he did writing and illustrating it. A special thanks to wife and best friend Yasmin and best friend Pablo. Thank you to Riimberr, Montana and Anam for your contribution. Dan Skill. 2020.