The Importance Of Sharing And Reading Books With Children

There is no doubt about the fact that children are impressionable and their foundations are built at a very young age. This is because they are the formative years and set the tone for their lives and personalities ahead.

This is why it is essential to instill good habits from an early age so that their behaviour in the future reflects these lessons. One way of sharing these habits and good lessons is through the power of a good book!

Importance Of Bedtime Stories
Night-time is a time of bonding and story sharing and this is when children are more susceptible to what you tell them. They remember these moments and this is why it is important to share meaningful lessons through bedtime stories.

Here are a few lessons every good bedtime story for children should include:

Importance Of Sharing
Children should be taught the habit of sharing from an early age as it is an important quality to have. This is why books such as "Henry The Grasshopper and the Pineapple Juice Adventure" are essential to have as a bedtime story.

It is a fun way to teach your children about why sharing is important and how it can bring people together. Sharing is one of the many qualities that build connections that stay for a lifetime.

The Cons Of Over-Consumption
We are living in a society where consumerism is now at an all-time high. This is why kids should be taught about how over-consumption can leave nothing for others and cause problems within a system. It is an important lesson that is essential to living consciously.

Help your kids learn this from an early age so they can make better and conscious choices later on. Teach them the value of resources and living sustainably so they can incorporate these lessons into their life.

Henry The Grasshopper's story is a prime example of how over-consumption can leave nothing for others.

Doing What Is Right
In Henry The Grasshopper's tale, he realises the wrong he has done and tries to rectify it. This is an important lesson on self-accountability. It teaches kids that it is okay to make mistakes. However, when they realise these mistakes they should also try to fix them.

It shows us how good things can come from bad situations and that everything can be fixed. We just have to make a little effort to rectify our wrongs. It also is a lesson on how it is okay to admit that we make mistakes.

Such a beautiful lesson encapsulated in such a light-hearted tale that your children will come to adore.

Final Words
Stories are a great medium to pass down lessons to our children that they will remember for a lifetime. This practice has been going on for centuries and now it is your turn to teach your children the most important and fundamental values in life.

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